Where In the World is Amaleigha?
Author Jan Pratt on a hike.

During the pandemic, my husband and I were living in a small village just outside of Stuttgart, Dettenhausen. Dettenhausen was on the edge of a forest that meandered south toward Tubingen. Loving to be outside, I spent most days exploring these trails in this area. On one of these day hikes, I came across the trail marker for the Camino. Now ,I knew about the Camino but in my mind, it ran across northern Spain. So what was the Camino trail symbol doing here near my little village? When I got home, I got on the internet and learn that the Camino ran across Europe from many different directions all leading the pilgrim to the feet of St James in Santiago de Compostella.

 With so many restrictions on activities in Germany at the time, I decided to walk from my house, on the Camino ( St Jacobs Way in Germany) to France. At first, I could walk to another village and then take a bus or train home but I eventually was far enough out that my husband would drop me off and I would meet him 20 or 30 k down the trail. This became our week end routine.

Hiking outside has always been one of my happy places and these hikes were no different. My mind wandered on these hikes in its own direction with no particular pattern. It was like the birds in the trees, fliting from one thought to the next. 

On this one section of this hike, the sun was warm but the air was cool. It was clear winter was coming but not quite in full swing and as always in Germany, when the sun shines in November you soak it up.

This section of the trail wound its way by a small stream and meandered close to farms. I mosied thru a few villages. Church bells ringing. The smell of fresh bread. My mind was not focused on any one thing but was free to find its own activities.

 What was for dinner?

What did I have to get done next week?

 What kind of bird was that?

What is the story of these hills? 

Who has lived here?

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