“Young Authors’ Adventure: Crafting Your First Story” Workshop Ages 10-13

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About Course

Hello parents, of young writers and curious minds! Has you child  ever dreamed of becoming an author, of telling their own magical tales and sharing them with the world?

I’m Jan Pratt, the author of courage and brave children’s tales, and I invite you on a journey of creativity and discovery.

Join me for a workshop where your child’s imagination takes center stage and where every thought and idea has the potential to become part of a real book!

Age Group: 5 to 9 years old. Workshop Highlights:

  1. Story Starters: Dive into a treasure trove of prompts, images, and story sparks that’ll get your imagination flowing.
  2. Character Creations: Learn to dream up heroes, villains, and all the wondrous creatures in between. We’ll play fun games to make your characters come alive!
  3. Adventure Mapping: Draw your story’s journey on our big Adventure Map. Where will your story go? A candy-filled mountain? A city in the clouds? It’s all up to you!
  4. Illustration Station: Every great story deserves some colorful pictures. Doodle, draw, and color your story’s world with vibrant art materials.
  5. Writing Together: With the help of friends, we’ll write and edit our stories, creating a magical world filled with adventures.
  6. From Dream to Book: At the end of our workshop, each child’s chapter will be beautifully compiled into an actual book. And guess what? This book will be available on Amazon for parents, grandparents, friends, and family members to buy and treasure forever!

What You’ll Get:

  • Personalized guidance and storytelling tips from Jan Pratt.
  • A certificate of completion, certifying you as a “Young Author”.
  • A printed copy of our collaborative book, filled with stories from all our young authors.
  • A chance to see your story published and available for the world to read.

Date & Time: Begins June 3 Venue: Online + Google Meet zoom

Things to Bring: An open mind, a big smile, and heaps of imagination! Join me, Jan Pratt, for a journey into the world of storytelling, where every child becomes an author and every idea turns into a captivating tale. Let’s create stories together that will be cherished for a lifetime!

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Course Content

Week 1- Let’s Meet and Greet and Make a Plan!
This week we get to meet each other and start to plan out our story.

  • Week 1- Introduction
  • Week 1: Monday Meeting- Share Our Work and See Each Others Smiling Faces!
  • Week 1 Tuesday- Let’s get planning-Creating Super heros and villans!
  • Week 1- Wednesday- Writing, Details and More Than the Facts
  • Assignment 1 for Week 1
  • Week 1- Thursday- It’s More Fun When You Share
  • Week 1 Friday- Cha Ching! Week 1 Done

Week 2-Let’s Get to Know Our Characters- Blond Hair and Blue Eyes?
This week we take time to know who are characters are? Where do they live? How old are they? What does their family look like?

Week 3-Creating the Action in the Story-Its All About Being Exciting
This week we talk about ways to make our story exciting for the reader. How do you create suspense and action in your story?

Week 4-I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
This week we look at the beginning, middle and end of the story. How can we end the story so that the reader wants to read all the way to the end?

Week 5- Adding Art- Bringing Out Your Creative Side
This week we decide if we want to illustrate our story? What type of art work will help our story come alive?

Week 6- Let’s Celebrate Each Other
This week we share our stories with each other and celebrate all the hard work of creating our story!

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