Changing the World-

One kind Act at a Time

When my kids were growing up a popular TV show was “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”. In this show, Carmen traveled worldwide and kids learned about each of the places she visited. This show brought the wonders of the world into our living room. In some ways, this is the direction I think Amaleigha might take also. Where in the world can she go and make a difference? Amaleigha has so far found ways to help in her community, in her school, and with friends she has made in Ukraine. She is a go-getter finding ways to make her world a better place.

What if this idea caught on around the world? What would the ripple effect be? Would each community change for the better? I like to think that these small acts of kindness and activism are changing the world and I know that they are happening every day even if that is not what we hear in the news.

So, what do you see in the world that needs to change? What are the issues that Amaleigha needs to tackle with the help of new and old friends?

Together let’s plan some new adventures for Amaleigha. For every person who submits an idea, I will enter their name in a drawing for my new book: “ Brave Kids: Short Stories to Inspire our Future World Changers”, due out this fall.

Let’s change the world one thoughtful act at a time!

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