Brave Kids

Dear reader, get ready to dive into this brave book. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a grand, powerful, and delightful adventure. When you pick up this book to read to your kids or help them read, take a deep breath and feel the love, joy, gratitude, and passion (the intentional
energy), the author penned their chapter with. Know it’s our deepest wish that you feel our love and support. We know it’s hard being a parent. ‘Hard’ is probably an understatement some days. We know the struggles might feel impossible. But we also know that with awareness and courage, you’ll do your best to guide your amazing, brave kid. We’re so happy to be a part of
those moments in the form of our stories. Make sure to reach out and let us know how it’s going and which stories melted your heart or helped you feel the bravest!

What People are Saying…

Book Bub:

“This is such a wonderful selection of short stories and I really enjoyed them all. It was great to read a few familiar authors and also find some new ones. Each story in this anthology covers a different topic so there’s definitely something for all types of children in this book. it covers topics such as bullying, and phobias. I loved that each story tried to remind us that although we may be sad, suffering or afraid we are all brave. One of the stories I loved was Tonight it the Night by K J KaSchula I read this with my little boy as we try to get him to go into his own bed by himself. It was a really cute read! Another story I really enjoyed was Amaleigha Tames a Bully: Kindness Can Change a Hard Heart by Janice Pratt – having read about Amaleigha before I loved that she featured in a story in this anthology. She is such a wise one for such a young age! I love reading and sharing her stories with my little boy.”

Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars 

Children will love this book. So will the child in every adult.

Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on May 3, 2023

I love the book. Each short story is a gem. All are delightful. Especially the 6th Story, Courage Blooms, by NS Shakti brought an instant smile to my face. It’s such a common feeling to be jealous of one’s baby sibling, because the baby seems to demand all attention. One feels left out. So when this little story presented this setting, one is almost guilty. One has gone through this stage. But by and by the story melts your heart. It’s so simple, thus so powerful! Thank you for this book. Looking forward to more editions of it.

Book Bub:

5 Star’s Brave Kids: Short Stories to Inspire Future World Changers by Janice Pratt

Brave Kids is an Anthology of twenty-four short stories by various authors from around the world. I loved everything about this collection and the powerful message that comes with each story. This s is intended for readers ages 6-12 years old. I would say children as well as adults can take away something from this collection. We learn different ways to be brave,how to not give up on our dreams, go after what you want. We learn different things to deal with different sensory situations ,to be kind and how courage can help overcome diversity. I really enjoyed Amaleigha Tames a Bully: Kindness can change a hard heart by Janice Pratt. This story shows bravery by being herself and asking for help when you need it and standing up to the meany bully. My son is five and we are working on different ways to express our emtions,how to use our words to ask for things and how to deal with different sensory situations. He asked questions about why each of the kids showed bravery and courage to face different things. I love that he loves to read and he was sad for some of the kids in some of the stories.I highly recommend reading this collection and who knows you might find a few new authors.