cover of the new book "Amaleigha Makes a New Friend"

Amaleigha Makes a New Friend

Amaleigh’s school class has decided to become penpals with other students in Ukraine as a writing project and a way to learn about how other students live in different countries.  Little did they know when they started this project that Russia and Ukraine would become involved in a  war. Amaleigha learns about her new friend’s home, school, and friends only to find out that her friend is surrounded by bombs and unsure what will happen to his dad who has joined the Ukraine military.

Proceeds from this book go to support Ukraine families who might have lost their homes or become refugees in Colorado.

Ukrainians of Colorado

Ukrainians of Colorado is a non-profit organization formed to unite and preserve Ukrainian heritage. Our mission is to restore and strengthen the Ukrainian community in Colorado through social functions and events. Our focus is running a major fundraising campaign to support people in Ukraine who are suffering from the devastations of war. With collected money, we fund the purchase of medical supplies and humanitarian aid for Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine, provide medical supplies and necessities for soldiers, provide help for the children of Ukraine in orphanages, as well as support zoos in Ukraine. Please consider donating at

Pen Pal Letter Writing Template